Hello and thank you for taking the time to provide us your thoughts and suggestions. The FLVS leadership team is interested in your feedback, as we value your opinions immensely. No one or higher authority requires we do these types of inventories; we have made it our priority.

Everyone at FLVS is collectively responsible for our company culture, as well as our overall success. How we engage in our employment, as well as in our community, is a sign of leadership, commitment and personal values. To that end, please think carefully about your answers, and provide constructive and professional suggestions, as this helps us to gain the most useful information.

When we collaborate together, we make FLVS the best place for students to learn and for people to work. So while it is not a requirement to complete this survey, it would be so awesome to know the results and suggestions noted represented our entire workforce.

It is my promise to you that all of your survey answers are kept completely anonymous to FLVS leadership (including myself), and kept completely confidential by the survey vendor.

Please give us your best.

Ronald Blocker, Interim CEO

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